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Protecting the Rights of GLBT Clients in Illinois Civil


The state of Illinois sanctioned civil unions as of June 2011, putting same-sex

unions on a par with heterosexual marriage as far as state law is concerned.

However, civil unions are not recognized under federal law, meaning that some of

the rights and benefits of marriage are not conferred under federal law. This can

muddy the waters in same-sex divorce and other situations.

At Schwulst & Roseberry, P.C., we welcome lesbian and gay clients seeking legal

counsel regarding civil unions or related matters of family law. We have served

the Bloomington-Normal area since 1971 and we assist clients throughout

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Central Illinois Attorneys for Same-Sex Partners

As with heterosexual marriages, some civil unions do not endure. We offer

compassionate support and experienced legal advocacy for clients who find

themselves in the complex and largely untested arena of dissolving a civil union

in Illinois. State law gives same-sex partners all the rights of heterosexual

marriage regarding property division, spousal maintenance and child

custody. However, federal law conflicts with Illinois law, particularly as it pertains

to property and taxes. For instance, same-sex partners cannot claim each other

as spouses for federal income tax purposes.

We take all of these issues into consideration as we represent clients in

negotiation or litigation of a civil union estate. We empower clients to reach fair

and practical solutions out of court but our experienced trial lawyers are

always prepared to fight for your interests in contested proceedings, if necessary.

Property Agreements · Same-Sex Estate Planning

Because Illinois law and federal law are different regarding civil unions, it is wise

to protect yourself and your partner through additional legal channels. We can

draft property settlement agreements (similar to prenuptial agreements) for

same-sex couples to spell out how assets and debts would be divided. We can

also codify your wishes through wills, trusts and powers of attorney to specify

a partner's inheritance rights and the right to make decisions regarding medical

or financial matters the same as a heterosexual partner. 

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Asserting Your Civil Union Rights

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